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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits to getting organized?

Everything! You will have more time; by getting rid of clutter you will eliminate approximately 40% of the housework in your home. You will have more energy; by not having to constantly look for things you know you have, but cannot find. You will have more money; "crisis" purchases relating to disorganization costs as much as 20% of your annual budget.

What happens during the session?

A professional organizer acts as a coach, working right beside you the entire time. First, we assess the areas that needs assistance and then discuss what you like and what you do not. Next, we formulate a strategy to create a useful and organized space. Finally, we dig in and get to work. 

Do I need to clean or do anything before you arrive?

NO! It is actually very beneficial to see how you live and work on a daily basis so we can create systems and solutions that work for you.

What if I feel embarrassed about my clutter?

We are not there to judge you or your home. All services provided and all client information, both personal and professional, will be kept confidential. We want to work with you to get organized so that you can see improvements and feel better in your environment. 

How long will it take?

Every organizing job is unique. It really depends on how long it takes you to make decisions because organizing is all about making decisions. It takes time to deal with the emotional and psychological issues as well as making the decision of where your belongings will go. It is important to arrange things logically and efficiently so that staying organized will be easy for you. Remember, we will be there supporting you throughout the entire process.

My whole house needs organizing, where do we start?

Everyone is different. We could start on the area where you feel the most stress, the area that looks the worst, or the area that is utilized the most by your family. For example, the entryway closet might be overflowing, but the kitchen might come first because it needs to be functional immediately. We work with you to determine where to start if you are not sure. Contact us to get started today.

Can I give a gift certificate to my spouse or parent?

Absolutely! Please make sure that it is really a gift for them, rather than yourself. Organizing sessions will only be productive if the person receiving the services is ready and willing to get organized.

How do I get started?

Simply contact us and let us know what areas you would like organized as well as any other information you would like to include. We will get back to you and set up a time for our initial meeting.