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"Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful."
- William Morris

What would being organized look like and feel like to you?

Would you...

Meet The Organizer

Leigh Dietz

Leigh Dietz,

Professional Organizer

My passion has always been helping people and making a difference in their lives. Over the past few years I have worked with the homeless population, domestic violence victims, neglected children and the elderly. My goal has always been to put myself in a position where my passion of working with people of all backgrounds and diversities will allow me to be a difference maker in their lives and for the community at large.

Where my passion to organize came from, I am not exactly sure. Perhaps it was being raised in a family of seven children and the endless collection of unmatched socks, or the tupperware cabinet that "booby-trapped" the next victim that opened the cabinet door. (Both of which I vowed to never have in my own home.) Maybe it came from sharing a room with three sisters that contained two sets of bunk beds, four dressers, way too many Barbie dolls, and of course, all of the accessories. Where it comes from, who knows. But I really enjoy the process of assessing, organizing and finding the perfect "home for everything".

My experience with moving and all of the anxieties and unknowns that come with the process are close to my heart as my husband Eric, our 3 miniature poodles (Abby, Charley and Munch) and I have moved across the country and back again!

Our Mission

Organized Home, LLC is dedicated to help people simplify and organize their lives by creating personalized systems and establishing simple solutions so they not only become organized - but they remain organized.